MIS Total Hip Replacement via Direct Anterior Approach. Forthcoming


Less damage to major muscles: The anterior approach avoids cutting major muscles. There are fewer muscles at the front of the hip, and the surgeon works between them, rather than cutting through muscle fibers or detaching muscles from bones (and then having to make repairs at the end of the surgery).

Less post-operative pain: Because the surgery does not require cutting major muscles, patients typically experience less pain after surgery and require less pain medication.

Faster recovery: After surgery, a patient can bend at the hip and bear weight as soon as it is comfortable. Most anterior hip replacement patients can use crutches or a walker sooner than patients who have had a traditional surgery. Patients may also walk on their own sooner: A 2014 study of 54 patients found that anterior hip replacement patients walked unaided 6 days earlier than other hip replacement patients.

Decreased risk of hip dislocation: A major post-surgical worry for most hip replacement patients is that the new hip’s ball and socket will dislocate. However, anterior hip replacement surgery does not disturb the muscles and soft tissue structures that naturally prevent the hip from dislocating, therefore anterior surgical patients are less likely to suffer a hip dislocation.

Better range of movement: Patients may bend over or sit with their legs crossed without risking hip dislocations. Most traditional hip replacement patients are told to avoid sitting with legs crossed for at least 6 to 8 weeks following surgery, and, depending on surgeon preference, to avoid deep bending at the hip or extreme internal rotation of the hip from then on.

Shorter hospital stay: A patient who undergoes anterior hip replacement can typically expect a shorter hospital stay than with a traditional approach, but much of this depends on the patient and the frequency of physical therapy sessions that patients are provided in the hospital.

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